About Us

Cultural City Sukhothai

The history of Thailand as we know it today began about 700 years ago, at which time the capital was “Sukhothai.”


The Thai alphabet was created there, and the first Thai kings resided there. 


About the name “Sukhothai” – "suk" means "happiness" and "thai" describes the Thai people and country. The name "Thailand" derives from "Sukhothai.



Our Philosophy

We go to great lengths to make our guests to feel happy and comfortable in our restaurant. In charming Thai ambience and with soft Thai music in the background, we offer our guests an incomparable, exotic Thai experience.


Basel's Premier Thai Restaurant

Sukhothai Restaurant was established in 1991 by Yuen Padglom, from Sukhothai. In 2004 his cousin Vena, from Bangkok, and her husband Patrick Egloff, from Basel, took over the restaurant. Sukhothai was the first Thai restaurant in Basel and is known as one of the finest in the region.